Personalized in calligraphy in-store to customers - an interactive experience. Los Angeles events.

Let ROX INK personalize your next marketing event with calligraphy!  Sephora and The Container Store offered in-store gift personalization to their customers - an engaging and memorable experience. 3M hired ROX INK to provide penmanship

for several cool commercials. 

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Torrance Calligraphy on random objects - wine bottle personalized - takes gift-giving to a new level

It's entirely possible that your calligraphy project doesn't fit into any of the drop-down menus listed above. That's really cool

and it probably means you've got an abundance of creative brain juice.

Just send your idea to ROX INK and we'll 

help you bring your vision to fruition.


Hermosa Beach Calligraphy at the Pier - a break from addressing wedding invitations.

Inky fingers and sandy toes are two things I can't get enough of. Southern California weather is not ever taken for granted. 

When I'm not in the calligraphy studio, you can find me hiking along the coast, wine tasting or exploring U.S. destinations, near and far, with my fun-loving husband.